Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jump Street

Summer is coming to a close and Brittany and Chris will be headed back to their dad's house in CO soon. Before they left we wanted to spend a little time with them and offered to take them to Jump Street. My brother loves Jump Street so him and the boys joined us. 

We had lots of fun racing on the obstacle course: 
Chris- winner winner chicken dinner! 

Brittany coming out of the squeeze 

Jacob with fierce determination  
Brian gloating over his victory 

The maze was pretty fun too... It seems like it would be extremely easy to navigate, but you can get SO turned around in there! It was so cute to follow Jacob as he would try to navigate. When he game to a dead end he would say, 'dane it' and turn around and keep trying. When Little Brian got lost in there he panicked a little bit and wanted out.

Chris and Brittany

They guys played a lot of dodgeball :

Little Brian 

Brittany flipping into the foam pit 
Group jumping shots! Chris and Brittany were not interested...
Jacob, Brian, Little Brian and Kenny 

Kenny, Jacob, Brian and Little Brian 

My silly knee flip trick (see my brother flipping beside me? )


Chris climbing the walls 

Pretty Brittany 

Brian again 

Jacob, Brittany, Kenny, Chris and Little Brian racing 

Brian, Jacob, Little Brian, Kenny, Chris and Brittany 

We went for ice cream after jump street to cool down a little.
Brittany and Chris 
I will give you ONE guess how this happened.... he is six one and married to me.

Brittany and Chris 

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