Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hannah is 8!!??

Holy Hannah! How is Blair's oldest daughter already 8 years old?? Time flies.... 
Hannah and Hailey playing 

Hailey is such a happy little girl 

Hannah's crazy daiseys from the neighbor boy! 
All the kids ran around Blair's new house making way to much noise and having just tons of fun. Then it was time for the pinata!

Allan's job is to told the pinata over the railing so the kids can hit it! 

Jacob took a swing 

Little Brian's turn to try 

Yay! Hannah's turn and she broke it! Perfect since it was her bday

the kids going crazy for the candy

Beautiful Hannah and her pinata 

B-day cake time! 

Kenny, Me and My Bro 

Watching Hannah open her presents was really funny... see Hailey in the back ground? She wanted to be part of the action and was trying to find her way into the scene. It was pretty hilarious!


Hailey playing on the piano (too bad Allan's head was cut off!) 

I will be honest I wasn't sure if we should go to the party or not.. just 2 days after my dad passed. I know Blair didn't expect us to show up. I actually wanted to go. Something fun, you know, but I felt guilty going. It was awkward because I knew everyone knew about my dad. Everyone said their, "I am sorries" and gave hugs. Blair's family treats me like family and I think they really care that I (we) were hurting. I am glad we (Kenny, Brian, Jacob, Little Brian and I ) ended up going to help Hannah celebrate.

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