Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school!! 

Jacob is starting kindergarten and Little Brian 2nd grade!! 

They were both so excited to go to school today and Kenny and I were lucky enough to take them. 

Brian (7) and Jacob (5) 

Jake the snake! (He was so excited that his shirt scared all his new friends...) 

2nd grade 

We dropped off Jacob first. He put his awesome flame backpack in his cubby and sat down in his chair (all marked with his name) He was such a champ! There was a moment when he looked like he might cry when we were walking away, but I quickly turned away so he wouldn't see 'my allergies' kick up.... I looked back and he had a big grin and waved from his chair.

We dropped off Little Brian next and he of course knew the ropes and was helping the teacher before we even walked out of the room.

That afternoon we met at the Taylor house after work so we could hear all about the boys first day of school. When I got there only Little Brian was home... we had told him over and over; "Make sure your brother is on the bus with you!" Well, that just didn't happen. Little Brian was SO upset. We tried to tell him it would be alright, but it wasn't until he saw his brother that he felt any relief!! My brother called the school and apparently the teacher put him on the wrong bus. Little Brian saw Jacob and called out to him from the bus window, but Jacob said, "No I on bus 21" and ran off to 'his bus'. We were waiting in front of the house for the school to call my brother back so he could go pick Jacob up at the school when Jacob came walking around the corner!! They had just dropped him off at the bus stop in front of the development! UGHHH. I thought for sure he would be in tears, but he ran up with a big old grin and Uncle Kenny picked him up and swung him around. Little Brian's face flooded with relief and he hugged his brother! He asked him, "Where you been??" And Jacob simply responded, "I ride the skooo bus. " He later told my mom that he rode the 'skoo' bus all by himself and he didn't cry (I was wondering if he realized there was a problem).

Jacob wasn't very talkative when he got home and we asked how it day was and he said, "I didn't hit anyone today!" LOL Little Brian had some trouble with that his first week of school... he didn't realize that kindergateners don't play as hard as his dad does! So we warned Jacob not to be a bully and hit kids.... : )

What a way to get started!!

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