Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet The Teachers

Since tonight was Meet the Teachers night Kenny and I gave the boys all their new school clothes we had been collecting: 
Little Brian's Clothes 
Jacob's clothes
Jacob has been on campus lots of times for his brother, but this was his first time looking for HIS class at HIS new school.... BIG excitement!!

We met Little Brian's teacher, Mrs.Roselle first. She seems very patient and has lots of good ideas to reward good behavior. She gives out classroom dollars that the kids can use to buy books and toys OR they can open the treasure box and purchase a surprise! I had a teacher that did something similar to that when I was in 2nd Grade and it was a pretty big deal.

Little Brian's desk 

Then we went to meet Jacobs teacher. I cannot remember her name... but she is the same teacher that Little Brian has and she already knew who Jacob was right when he walked in the door : )

After we met the teachers we decided to go get the supplies bought. It was SO busy so clearly we were not the only ones who thought about doing that. The boys had a great time picking out all their supplies:

Uncle Kenny and Jacob

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