Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wist Celebration of Life Event

Tonight my the company my dad worked for, Wist hosted a 'Celebration of Life party for my dad at Macayos downtown. It was an opportunity for his co-workers who weren't able to come to his funeral service to say good-bye to him. 

It was really touching how much this company and the people valued my dad. I wish he would have known that more when he was alive.

All the employees signed one of his shirts (my brother kept that) 

Flowers from EMC 

A beautiful letter from the owner of the company 

Our friends Jereme and Melodi showed up as well and so did Kelly and her daugher (my cousin Jake's wife). It was really wonderful for me to see all the people who cared about my dad and hear their stories and their perspective of him. Some said he was called , Martha (as in Martha Stewart) because he was always cleaning the break room, another women remember how he would stop everything and help her carry in the donuts on Fridays, some people talked about how he likes to scare (startle) people for laughs , but they all said he was a HARD HARD worker and never gave up. Some could see he was sick in the last days and encouraged him to take some time and rest and see a doctor (ha my dad doesn't do those things!).

Anyway, it was just a good night all things considered. Sort of like a good cry.
All my cards from friends, co workers and some family

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