Friday, August 17, 2012

Cardinals Game!

Melodi got some free tickets from her work for the AZ Cardinals preseason game tonight and invited Kenny, Brian, the boys and I! Kenny has been to a couple games, but I have only been to one and didn't really like it... Tonight was WAY fun though! 

We were in the upper level, but you could still see the game pretty well. I can't get over how BIG that place is and how many people were there! I knew several of my FB friends were there and Kenny saw one of our coworkers too.


Jacob's muscles 

Little Brian and Uncle Kenny (love his REAL smile!) 

Little Brian, Kenny, Jacob and Little Brian 

Kenny and Brian (they are laughing at me taking tons of pics) 


Jacob and Melodi 

Little Brian's crazy faces 

Jacob being silly 

Little Brian 

Me and Kenny 

Jacob and Uncle Kenny 

Little B at Mr. B's 

We didn't get to talk with Jereme, much but it was nice to catch up with Melodi. Although, I don't really know much about football Little Brian tried to explain it to me... He said, "Those guys are trying to go that way and the other guys try to block em!" During a time out he said, "Now they are making a plan" It was so cute. I love how simple everything is to kids. Little Brian really gets into football and likes to cheer and scream. Jacob and I just talk, take pictures and play most of the time :)

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