Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was blog surfing the other day and came across this blog from a link on this blog. Their stories are heartbreaking, but also inspirational at the same time. They both have an amazing faith in their Church and Jesus Christ. They both had terrible tragedies in their lives, but instead of dwelling on the hardship they are thankful for each day and the people their lives. WOW. Ashley was asked if she would do anything different and she said " There's only two things- get out the video camera more frequently and write more about every day life in my journal."

I already blog A LOT, but it is kind of a reinforcement for me to keep this diary of our lives and the people in our lives, because as we learned (in March 2004 and November 2008) people can be taken so quickly and unexpectingly from your life and your are only left with the memories... the moments.

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  1. I also read both those blogs. I can't help but cry every time I hear of someone losing a baby. I am so thankful for the gospel.