Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just the 11 of us!

Apparently blogger will not let you backdate posts anymore so this is out of order... This is for the weekend of 8/27-8/29.
 We picked up the Taylors Friday right after work and hit the road. The boys were so excited squealing "Go Camping! Go Camping!" We stopped in Payson for groceries and headed up the hill to Forest Lakes when the rain started. At first it was refreshing, but then the sheets of rain made it impossible to see the road or even the car in front of you. Terrifying on those winding mountain roads! 

Once we made it to the dirt road Kenny hitched the quad trailer onto the back of my truck and he took the big truck to pick up the travel trailer while my brother and I went searching for a spot... 

It was pitch black, still raining and we were having trouble seeing the camp grounds. I thought I saw a spot that would work to pull the trailer in so I backed up.... this was the result- 

Not good. 
On top of that most of our clothing and blankets had gotten soaked in the rain despite the tarp we had tied on in Payson. We ended up eating a late dinner cozily cramped in the trailer. 

Saturday morning we made breakfast burritos and took turns riding the quads until the Blue one died and had to be towed back to camp. We kept busy in the afternoon by treasure hunting (AKA Geocaching). 

We loaded up (Me, Jacob, Crissy with their dog Princess and Crystal with Little Brian) and headed down a road only meant for quads..

The first cache was easily found by my brother in like 30 seconds... 

The next find was not as easy! We searched and searched this area and didn't find the cache. 

The next one was a little easier (notice the little awning built over it!) 

The boys just loved finding the treasures...

even the big boy! 

It was a long ride back to camp, but the Taylors entertained themselves by getting their dog to "sing" to them. It was pretty hilarious! 

Back at camp we relaxed ...

played in the fire (bunch of pyros~!) 

Then when it was time for bed we all loaded in the trailer-

Crissy on the top bunk, the boys on the bottom, Brian and Crystal on the table bed and Kenny and I in our bed. 

The boys were adorable with their chit chat at night and in the early morning.

Despite the few bad things that happened it was still a pretty good weekend and I am sure we will look back and laugh about me jack knifing the trailer... not yet, but someday. 

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