Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big House

Today was the Mobley Family Reunion (Kenny's Maternal Grandma's side) in Casa Grande. 

They chose a nice Mexican restaurant for us to meet at-
Hollace (not sure about the spelling) entertaining us with some hymns. 
Michelle and Sarah chatting it up ; ) 
Kim (being called out as the OLDEST of Nanette's children) 
Bobbie, Jerry, Adrian and wife
Top: Barb, JW, Nanette  Bottom: Shirley's daughter, Shirley and Sarah 
Michelle, Trevor and Zack 
Betty, Shirley, Sarah (having too much fun) 
Top: JW, Peggy Bottom: Betty, Shirly and Sarah
JW and Sarah
Joanna and Andy (don't ask... just kidding he was feeding one of the twins but it looked a little odd) 
Trevor and Zack 
Emma and Zack ( happy little babies) 
Shirley and Sarah 
Emma (you can almost see her tooth)

Matt and Barb 
After the reunion we (Barb, Kenny and I) decided to check out the Casa Grande Ruins. We were super excited to find out it was a Fee Free day and didn't have to pay the $5 admission! 

Since it is called the BIG HOUSE we were kinda thinking it would be bigger, but it was still really neat to look at something that was estimated to be constructed in the mid 15th century! It was a 4 story structure, although it looks like a 3 story now. I am fascinated by how people survived here before AC! 

This was a little model of how the structure might have looked- 

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